In Good Company:
Ultimate Tools for the Ultimate Engineer

 You’re an engineer. Problem-solving comes naturally. To become the professional you are today, you’ve likely coupled the right education with the right training and experience – all to propel you to become the “ultimate engineer.” However, as you know it’s equally important to have the right tools to solve the toughest technology challenges. To have best-of-breed equipment to do your job better, faster, and with more accuracy. These advantages directly affect you as well as the products you design and test.

On your side

Rest assured, you’re in good company with TestEquity. We are your partner on this journey, providing all the tools and supplies you need to build and test electronics. After serving the industry for nearly five decades, we’ve become the largest test and measurement and electronic production supply provider in the U.S. It’s our job to ensure you have the right tools to do yours, day in and day out. From the most sophisticated function generator and powerful oscilloscope to the most basic tool kits and electronic production supplies. Each tool and piece of equipment plays an important role.

But we do much more than provide solutions. In fact, for 20 years we’ve been designing and building our own full line of the highest-quality environmental test chambers in the industry. All crafted at our US-based headquarters.

Going the extra mile

We believe that to achieve greatness you have to go the extra mile. We partner with the best manufacturers in the business, continually adding new products so you can be more innovative, speed product time to market, and have just the right tool to get the job done. Offering more than 10,000 test and measurement solutions, no one offers the breadth of solutions we do.

Our experts work closely with leading OEMs to ensure our teams are trained about the latest products to help you select the right products… so you can work with more speed, accuracy and reliability. And, the products you design and test go the distance.

Choice and Flexibility                                                       

We help you find the right products for your specific needs. But it doesn’t end there. We back our high-quality products with the longest warranties in the business and localized service experts.  We’ll work within your budget through flexible acquisition programs. Need an expensive piece of equipment?  Consider rental/lease or certified used equipment. We’ll do our best to make it happen. We support the entire product lifecycle so you can also trade in older or unused equipment.

At TestEquity, we take your business personally.

Why? Because we’re engineers too. We were founded by engineers that wanted to make a difference and those roots go deep. We strive to provide the best tools and the very best experience, each and every time you visit us online, pick up the phone, or meet us in person. 

Check out this interactive infographic to see the tools and products you need to be the #UltimateEngineer. And discover what it means to be in good company.