The number one cause of complaints about PCB cleaning are white residues on the board. These usually are salt crystals, residues of imperfect cleaning.

How Can I Remove White Residue from PCBs?

How Can I Remove White Residue from PCBs? TestEquity is an approved distributor for MicroCare. Content Source: White residues are the bane of the electronics industry....
Professional soldering 101

Professional Soldering 101

Professional Soldering 101 If you look inside virtually any piece of electronic equipment, you should find at least one circuit board. Look closely at the...
In a cleanroom, particulates are the enemy---and the best way to filter particulates from the air is to avoid bringing them into the cleanroom in the first place.

Welcome to the Cleanroom

Welcome to the Cleanroom The main purpose of a cleanroom is to provide a workspace free from contaminants. Temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions must...
Rework Solutions from Metcal for Heavy-Duty PCB in Contract Manufacturing

Rework Solutions for Heavy-Duty PCB in Contract Manufacturing

Rework Solutions for Heavy-Duty PCB in Contract Manufacturing TestEquity is an approved distributor for Metcal. Content Source: Contract manufacturers rely heavily on the technical expertise of...

How Weller Solder Wire Helps You Create the Perfect Soldering Joint

Soldering is a delicate and precise process that requires precision equipment to get the perfect soldering joints. The composition of your soldering wire may seem secondary to your technique and other equipment.
Transforming Technologies | Blow Static Away | ESD Ionizers by Transforming Technologies

ESD Ionizers by Transforming Technologies

With a reputation for excellence that goes back more than a century, Megger continues to develop innovative technology to keep the power on. Now, Megger is available from the distributor you trust: TestEquity.
Techni-Tool. Everything you need for electronic Production

Why Do Great Engineers Choose Techni-Tool?

The question is not: “Why do the best engineers choose Techni-Tool?” The question is: “Why are Techni-Tool customers the best engineers?”
Weller Soldering for every situation

7 Soldering Bundles for Every Application

Make the Right Choice:7 Soldering Bundles for Every Applications Anyone who has spent time soldering knows the right soldering equipment matters. The right system can...

High Production, High Volume Soldering – Metcal MX-5200

A Five-Minute Read to Save Testing Hours. Metcal’s new MX-5200 soldering system with dual switchable ports combines the latest innovation with Metcal’s patented SmartHeat technology and built-in power meter. Our “High Production, High Volume Soldering” blog shows how this updated classic delivers unparalleled speed, precision and flexibility.

Inductive Heating for More Productive Soldering

Metcal’s first-ever adjustable temperature soldering systems deliver faster time to temperature, greater temperature stability, and better thermal recovery. Read what patent-pending induction heating technology can mean for your soldering

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