High Production, High Volume Soldering

Soldering is an inevitable byproduct of electronics design. There’s too much at stake not to have a soldering station that gives the precision, speed, and flexibility you need for all of your applications. As modern applications and the electronic components that power them get smaller and more complex, the right tool can help you solder and re-work smoothly and accurately.

A hefty upgrade

The new Metcal MX-5200 updates a classic that was the go-to soldering choice for more than a decade. The streamlined MX-5200 is built on the foundation of the MX-500. It has core features like a built-in power indication meter with both graphical and numerical representations, user-programmable PowerSave mode, powering down after the pre-set time saves energy and tip life, and a convenient universal power supply that automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly.  

That’s where the similarities end. The MX-5200 has an enhanced LCD display and lightweight ergonomic handpieces with a short tip-to-grip for precise control. The system also boasts 80 watts of power per channel or 40 watts simultaneous. Most noteworthy? The dual switchable ports allow users to operate both handpieces simultaneously, with each dynamically sharing output power. The ability to solder and desolder at the same time is more efficient and speeds the rework process.  

SmartHeat technology

Patented SmartHeat technology ensures a consistent soldering iron tip temperature under a wide range of thermal loads. SmartHeat detects the increase in thermal load demanded by the larger heat capacity of a bigger joint and compensates by increasing the power. The result is easier, faster control. Due to this self-adjusting technology, the MX-5200 never needs calibration. And tip cartridges slip in and out easily without tools.

Metcal’s new MX-5200 doesn’t disappoint. It takes the best of a trusted tool and brings it into the future with state-of-the-art new features. You’ll experience faster and more flexible soldering as well as greater process control. It can take a board from the initial solder right through the testing process. A high-quality, high-production, and high-volume system in a compact footprint to speed product time to market. Who could ask for more?