Make the Right Choice:
7 Soldering Bundles for Every Applications

Anyone who has spent time soldering knows the right soldering equipment matters. The right system can make soldering and rework faster, cleaner and easier. And, as with all tools, not all irons and bundles are created equal. The heating mechanism, wattage, tips and other specifications vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and model to model.

Informed decision-making 

When you’re looking for a new or upgraded soldering system, make sure to choose a name you can trust. A manufacturer that’s been in the market, uses quality materials, and whose products have a reputation for reliability. It makes sense to do your homework.

Specifications, brand and pricing are among criteria that should be considered when purchasing a soldering system. Different soldering irons have different strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. But perhaps most important is consideration of your application. How will you be using your system? Working with micro components will require a different system than larger automotive solutions. Learn what specific features do what’s most important for your use cases.

Weller WX generation soldering systems

Once you’ve covered the basic criteria, there is a lot more choice. Let’s take a look at Weller’s precision-oriented WX generation soldering bundles. Weller WX stations make the manual soldering process safer, a crucial factor in the automotive, aerospace, and medical technology industries. 

Each of these seven ESD-safe systems is designed with different uses in mind and specific functionalities. But every WX system features benchtop controller functionality, intelligent tool identification, parameter memory built into the iron, offset function and a robotic interface. Each set comes bundled with a fast-heating WX series soldering iron, power unit, and award-winning MIL-SPEC compliant tips with patented active tip technology.

WX2022N PICO MS Soldering Station Set

This powerful, user-friendly and high-precision set is designed for the smallest soldering applications. Designed for high-precision pico soldering applications. the two-channel system allows for simultaneous work with two tools and includes triple awarded active tip technology, fully compliant with MIL-SPEC / IPC Standard, intelligent iron with motion sensor, and integrated data storage. The bundle includes a two-channel, 120V power unit, intelligent Pico Soldering Iron WXPP MS 12V, 40W with RTP004SMS tip. The Safety Rest WSR 208 and Erem 55A tweezers.

WX2023N MICRO MS Solder Station Set

Offering versatile performance for standard and micro soldering applications, the WX2023N Micro station works as a benchtop controller to control tips, tools, fume extraction, and peripheric tools. Two channels enable simultaneous work with two tools. Features extremely fast heat-up time of 3 seconds and triple awarded active tip technology fully compliant with MIL-SPEC/IPC, with intelligent tool detection. Bundle includes standard intelligent iron with motion sensor and integrated data storage Toolless tip change Traceability ready 2-in-1 safety rest for wet and dry tip cleaning.

WX2024N ULTRA MS Soldering Station Set

The WX2023N ULTRA MS provides maximum power for heavy duty soldering applications in LED soldering, solar technology, electronic market, multi-layer boards, large heat sinks or hyper frequency PCB. The bundle features a 120V 2-chamnel soldering power unit, intelligent Ultra Soldering Iron WXUP MS 24V, 150W with RTU032SMS tip, and Safety Rest WSR 200.

WXMP MS Soldering Iron Set

This micro soldering iron (hand piece without tips) with active-tip heating technology is safe and versatile for a wide range of standard and micro applications.

  • WXMP MS 12V, max. 55W with RTM013SMS tip
  • Safety Rest WSR 200
  • Micro soldering pencil with 40 W, 12 V for WX stations Military Standard
  • Excellent heat transfer and sensors
  • Extremely short heating

WXPP MS Soldering Iron Set

Achieve the best results for high-precision tasks under the microscope.

  • Intelligent Pico Soldering Iron WXPP MS 12V, 40W with RTP004SMS tip
  • Safety Rest WSR 208
  • Erem Tweezers 5SA

WXUP MS Soldering Set

For heavy duty soldering applications and largest components in LED soldering, solar technology, electronic market, multi-layer boards, large heat sinks or hyper frequency PCB with a big dissipater.

  • Intelligent Ultra Soldering Iron WXUP MS 24V, 150W with active tip RTU032SMS
  • Safety Rest WSR 200
  • Operating Instruction

WXMT MS Slim Tweezers Set

Made for soldering and desoldering of SMD components.

  • Intelligent Micro Desoldering Tweezers
  • WXMT MS 2 x 40 W, 12V with RTW2MS tips
  • Safety Rest WSR 204

Ready to make your soldering process faster, safer, and more precise? Get your Weller WX-series soldering station and save up to 30%.