Why Do Great Engineers Choose Techni-Tool?

The best production engineers know instinctively what most of us learn through missed deadlines and expensive downtime: Unreliable inputs mean lackluster outputs.

And they hate making excuses.

But the question is not: “Why do the best engineers choose Techni-Tool?”
The question is: “Why are Techni-Tool customers the best engineers?”
Answer: Techni-Tool gets them better results.

Electronic production runs on solder

How good are your inputs? Can your vendor provide solder with the correct specifications? Can they deliver the quantities you need? Can they deliver on time?

What about soldering irons and tips? Rework stations? If you described your application, could your vendor recommend the right tools?

Effective production runs on vendors

You can design a perfect process, but it won’t matter if your vendor holds you back. You won’t keep up with the best in your field.

Time to call Techni-Tool.

Starting a production run that wasn’t planned? Your supplies will ship out today.

Need to replace a critical tool? We’ve got it ready.

Time to scale up your facility? Our product specialists are at your disposal.

Now you know how the best production engineers get things done. With faster turnarounds. Better troubleshooting. Less unplanned downtime. More profit.

And no excuses.

Get the Techni-Tool Advantage

Since 1955, Techni-Tool has supported small workshops and large factories with electronic production supplies. Today, we maintain the industry’s largest inventory of solder, soldering equipment, ESD supplies, chemicals, and benches. We stand behind our products with service and support from real experts, and we ship most orders the same day.

Build your lab. Start production. We’ll make sure you can trust your results.

Discover the Techni-Tool difference

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