How Weller Solder Wire Helps You Create the Perfect Soldering Joint

Soldering is a delicate and precise process that requires precision equipment to get the perfect soldering joints. The composition of your soldering wire may seem secondary to your technique and other equipment. But, the composition and quality of it can greatly influence common problems technicians and others run into while laying joints.

The soldering pros at TestEquity recommend high-quality soldering wire like Weller WSW Solder Wire to achieve the quality and durability you seek. First, this blog will cover common problems caused by low-quality solder wire, then talk about what makes Weller WSW Solder Wires better than competing brands.

Common Soldering Issues

Soldering problems have the potential to hinder production and ruin products. While they are usually easy to debug, the quality of your solder wire may not be the first thing you think to test when something goes wrong. Here are some common soldering issues and why the wire you’re using may be the problem.

Cold Welding

Cold welding occurs when the soldering temperature is too low or the soldering time Is too short. If you are using the same processes as before with a different soldering wire, the composition of the wire may be hindering your tested soldering process. Some solder wires advertise the use of recycled materials. While using recycled wires may sound forward-thinking, there is a higher chance of more impurities and inconsistency in the wire. This occurs because the recycling process can easily produce contaminated metallic products depending on the process used for recycling.

Metal recycling may sound simple, but when you are dealing with small qualities found in things like soldering wire, your main concern is purity. Metal recycling becomes more cumbersome and expensive as the end product is more purified. Even then, you can end up with inferior products being used for precision work. When it comes to soldering, it is best to stick with products made from the metal’s first melting than metals that have been reheated and separated from other materials.

Icicle Tip

Icicles left on joints or on your soldering tip are certainly undesirable. They are usually due to uneven temperature conduction. If you are using a new soldering wire, there is likely large variability in your soldering wire composition. This can be due to impurities introduced through recycling or a poor wire fabrication process.

Poor Weld

Solder wire can introduce poor welds for a few reasons. First, the rosin inside the wire may not be homogeneously distributed. Second, air pockets in the wire could be causing severe oxidation. Last, pollution from impurities could cause insufficient tin wire flux activity.

Tin Ball

Most often, tin ball is encountered when the environment is too damp. Wire solder can cause this issue when there are gaps in the rosin or the flux in the metal wire is discontinuous.

Quickly Worn-Out Soldering Tips

Soldering tips wear out faster when solder wire with impurities or interrupted flux cores cause oxidation and uneven heating.

This list drives home the importance of your soldering wire. Yes, it is important to have all the parts and processes in place, but the quality of your wire is also an essential factor. High-quality soldering wire should enhance your soldering work rather than make it more difficult.

What Sets Weller WSW Soldering Wire Apart

Weller WSW Soldering Wire is made from non-recycled metals to ensure consistent quality and low contamination. They use a microalloying process with patented alloys that minimize the oxidation of your soldering tip, elongating its life. The rosin is homogenously distributed with activators, and the flux core is 100% continuous without air pockets unlike standard soldering wire brands.

These attributes help to cut down on the common soldering issues mentioned above. The 100% continuous flux core provides the appropriate surface for fast and even wetting and keeps workers safer by reducing flux splash and splatter. The construction of the wire also allows for a wide range of alloys and fluxes in the diameters you need for precision work.

Testing shows that Weller WSW Solder Wire outperforms standard soldering wires. In addition, it gives consistently sized solder joints with fewer deviations and helps extend the life of soldering tips. As a result, WSW gives a clear advantage over the competition.

Where to Find Weller WSW Solder Wire

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