How Our State of the Industry Report Helps You Improve Your Processes, Systems

TestEquity has developed its State of the Industry Report for 2022 to help engineers and managers gain a comprehensive view of common problems teams face and how they are solved across industries. TestEquity has been supplying engineers of all types with testing equipment, lab equipment, and consultation services since 1971. The report analyzes survey questions asked of engineers in design engineer, test engineer, systems engineer, lab manager, production manager, research education, and other roles from assorted industries.

The Importance of Understanding Your Industry and Job

You can’t totally remove all static insulators—some of them are the fixtures and tools that create your sensitive electronics. SIt is easy to become hyper-focused on the things directly in front of us. Constantly working to improve processes without having a view of the actual thing causing the problem. Sometimes it’s not just the tool we are working with or a single person, but something else we have been unable to grasp because we have not been able to see it.

The findings in this report are akin to being present in the testing labs of many different parts of your industry, in addition to your own. The principle of Genchi Genbutsu, a Japanese expression meaning “real location, real thing,” is commonly used to assess production activities. Sometimes referred to as Go and See, this principle emphasizes the importance of understanding what happens where the work actually takes place. In this report, TestEquity offers a better understanding of our industry from the perspective of the professionals who spend every day in the places where electronics design and testing. and production actually happens.

Most companies have a good idea of what works for them as far as testing and test design on a microscale level, but this report allows people at all levels to consider common problems and ideas for the future across sectors.

The TestEquity 2022 State of the Industry Report gives a bird’s eye view of how testing and testing design is faring today from the viewpoint of professionals doing and overseeing the work – offering an outlook that most companies don’t have the opportunity to observe. The findings in this report are akin to being present in the testing labs of many different parts of your industry, in addition to your own.

The information found in the report can be used to help understand bottlenecks and issues in your engineering processes. It can also be used to help construct plans for the future of your testing division, as in how teams collaborate and potential future costs.

How the Report Was Conducted

The report was constructed from an anonymous survey that asked Testing and Measurement professionals for their insights into the conditions they are facing. All questions were optional and multiple choice with a space for free response. The questions primarily concerned electronics design and testing.

The report gives an overall outlook into what engineers prioritize in their current and future testing endeavors. Engineers were even asked which technologies will be most important in the future and what skills they think future engineers will need to be successful in the field.

The TestEquity 2022 State of the Industry Report is available for free to anyone interested in seeing what test engineers are up to today, and their thoughts on the future. TestEquity is the industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies. They do more than just sell testing equipment; they support the engineering community by offering free valuable research insights, along with knowledgeable expert consultation about equipment, testing design, and laboratory setups. Download your free copy of the report and get into the TestEquity engineering fold today.

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