Data Acquisition: The Engineer’s Favorite DAQ

Why is the Keithley DAQ6510 data acquisition system the go-to “DAQ” for so many test and measurement engineers? Because they’re picky—and in this line of work, being picky is a job requirement.

Engineers need precise, repeatable measurements for an unpredictable set of tests, and they need to capture as much data as physically possible.

Keithley DAQ6510: The Go-To DAQ

  • 5 inch pinch-and-zoom display
  • Max. switching speed: 800 channels per second
  • Max. input voltage: up to 1000V
  • Run customizable test programs within the instrument
  • Front panel jacks for operation as a 6½ digit DMM
  • Up to 80 two-pole channels of thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor temperature measurements

The specs on this data acquisition system—or DAQ—tell a compelling story. But short stories always leave the details to the imagination. What makes this DAQ so epic?

Built-in Scripting Language

Where most DAQs offer basic programming and automation through SCPI “skippy” commands, the Keithley DAQ6510 has an intuitive built-in test scripting language that lets engineers spend more time testing and less time programming.

Create your own front panel screens to show the most important information for your specific test. Create custom dashboards so that less experienced personnel can monitor tests with only the details they need. Interface directly with your TestEquity environmental chambers.

Simply put: Engineers can make this Keithley DAQ do precisely what they ask, show them exactly which measurements they want to see, and work closely with the sensors that produce the data.

Up to 80 channels of Test Data

The DAQ6510 with its 12 available switch modules provides an extensive range of flexibility to build a wide range of data acquisition or test systems.

In simpler terms, this means having up to 80 sets of eyes. If something unexpected happens during a test, it gives the engineer 80 sets of detailed logs to help determine why it happened—before running any more tests or refining any designs.

Use your test time wisely.

DAQ6510Measurement Functions