Testing at the Next Level with RIGOL HDOs and Power Supplies

To design and test tomorrow’s electronics, engineers need to capture and analyze higher speed and lower current signal dynamics. RIGOL has developed a new line of oscilloscopes and power supplies capable of taking test and measurement to the next level.

RIGOL HDO4000 Series Digital Oscilloscope: 12-Bit Resolution

RIGOL’s new UltraVision III oscilloscopes are designed to push the boundaries of signal fidelity testing and give engineers access to powerful high-resolution insights. RIGOL’s new Centaurus chipset delivers 12-bit resolution, which reduces the quantization level between bits by 16 times. The new Centaurus chipset also delivers up to five times less noise than other oscilloscopes in this class.

This new line of oscilloscopes is equipped with an intuitive 10.1” touchscreen display with multiple display modes to capture and visualize data using a density, waterfall, mosaic, or perspective. With UltraAquire mode capturing up to 1,500,000,000 waveforms per second, engineers will be able to take full advantage of this interface.

With improved resolution and signal fidelity, the UltraVision III oscilloscope is ideal for power supply testing, low-power testing, power rail analysis, semiconductor testing, and more.

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RIGOL DP2000 Series Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies

The new RIGOL DP2000 series DC power supplies offer high resolution at small current measurements, high-speed sampling analysis, and fast transient response, all with low ripple and low noise.

The DP2000 series features over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection help prevent damage to devices under test. Front and rear output terminals offer more flexibility on the test bench with convenient access to the DP2000’s three fully-isolated power channels.

When used in conjunction with RIGOL’s new HDO4000 series oscilloscopes, these power supplies significantly reduce the signal noise floor, yielding precise measurements that few competitors can match at this price point

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Together, oscilloscopes and power supplies allow engineers test multiple attributes of tomorrow’s electronics designs. When purchasing this type of equipment, you may ask yourself whether you can compromise bandwidth, quality, or warranty support, but the most important question is this: Can you trust your measurements? The answer is: Yes—with RIGOL.

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