Here at TestEquity, we have the pleasure of working with many wonderful OEMs with their own incredible stories. We would like to take the time to honor them and bring light to these wonderful stories as we further explore how we can keep putting innovation to the test.

This #OEMOrigin story is centered around Unitron. For this story, we interviewed Phil Matsen, the Director of Sales. Here is what he had to say:

How did your company get started?

UNITRON Ltd. originated as a family-owned business in 1952 located in Boston, Massachusetts.  The company and its products saw continuous success for 70 years earning an impressive reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality microscopes, LED lights and digital microscopy cameras.

What factors led to the growth of your company?

The addition of digital video cameras allowed for image capture and digital measurement through operational software created solutions which previously were accomplished through manual optical processes.  The advent of digital application solutions led to greater productivity, improved accuracy, and enhanced QC capabilities.       

How are your products unique to the marketplace?

We design and assemble our product lines, supported by our team of assembly and quality control technicians in our manufacturing facility in New York.                     

How have your products evolved over time?

Ergonomic microscopes featuring eyepieces which allow for variable angle of inclination were once cost prohibitive. Since then, they have increasingly become a standard requirement for production applications.  UNITRON began with our System 273 VIP product line which has grown to include our System 274 & 374 product lines.  The latest iteration of the VIP product line includes the state of the art, System 373 TRU Trinocular VIP product line.

How has your relationship with TE evolved since the start of working together? 

The best of the best folks in sales, technical support, customer service, marketing and product management many of whom formerly worked for competitors are now employed by TestEquity.     

What are some valuable lessons from your story?

“Excellence by design” is UNITRON’s mantra.  All products begin life as a design and well-designed products will always excel.  It is well worthwhile to spend the time and effort to ensure the excellence in design of a product ensuring its reliability, longevity, and quality.  

Where do you see your company heading in the future?

The growth opportunities and likely future of inspection products will be Artificial Intelligence and other software enhanced products offering the promise of increased productivity, improved accuracy and reduced labor costs.