Here’s Why TestEquity’s Industry-Leading Test Chambers Are a Game-Changer

Have you ever wondered how electronics manufacturers like Apple and Western Digital know their products won’t fail when subjected to extreme heat and humidity? Or, how an automobile manufacturer creates a warranty to cover certain problems with your vehicle over a certain period of time or miles?

That’s where environmental test chambers come in. They allow test and measurement engineers, researchers, scientists, and manufacturers to use different environmental conditions to push innovation and make sure whatever products they create are safe for usage.

TestEquity 155 Chamber
TestEquity Model 155 Benchtop Temperature Chamber

What Is an Environmental Test Chamber?

A test chamber is a controlled and managed environment that allows users to test the durability, stability, and practicality of products, equipment, and chemicals. It’s an enclosed space that simulates the effects of environmental conditions that a piece of equipment or product may face during its usage.

A test chamber can recreate a number of environmental conditions such as temperature only conditions and temperature and humidity conditions.

The size and design of test chambers vary depending on the kinds of tests they perform, which can be very intricate or extremely simple. You’ll find them in various sizes to accommodate the product and the desired conditions to be tested. For instance, a benchtop chamber is used for testing small products whereas a larger sized chamber could be used to fit larger products or to do batch testing.

What Makes TestEquity Test Chambers Unique?

In a jungle of test chambers, TestEquity’s environmental test chambers truly stand out. Why? Because we just don’t manufacture world-class test chambers, we also excel in helping our customers solve difficult technical challenges to shorten their product time to market. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction empowers us to consistently provide high-quality test chambers with many exceptional features and services that you won’t find in any other product in the market.

TestEquity offers the best test chambers with flexible ownership options. While servicing, supporting, and troubleshooting test chambers from all over the industry, it was inevitable that our engineers and technicians would come up with their own ideas for better designs. Today, we continue to design a full line of the highest-quality environmental test chambers.

Model 116 Chamber
TestEquity Model 1016H Temperature/Humidity Chamber

Types of Chambers We Offer

TestEquity manufactures environmental test chambers for an extensive range of humidity and temperature tests, including floor standing and benchtop test chambers.

Most chambers come with an RS-232 interface, a high/low limit controller, and two access ports, one on each side. Some models also have a viewing window and light, and are equipped with an original F4 controller or a new F4T touchscreen controller. We also offer a 3-years parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty.

Some of our popular models include:

TestEquity 155 Benchtop Temperature Chamber

Combining best-in-class energy efficiency with outstanding temperature control, TestEquity 155 Benchtop Temperature Chamber uses patented control architecture and consumes 74% less energy than earlier models to maintain 0°C.

TestEquity 1016H Temperature/Humidity Chamber

TestEquity 1016H Temperature/Humidity Chamber is designed to fit the industry-standard 16 Cu-Ft footprint, which means you can easily fit this test chamber in the same space as other 16 Cu-Ft models from other manufacturers while enjoying 75% more cooling capacity.

TestEquity 107 Benchtop Temperature Chamber

TestEquity 107 Benchtop Temperature Chamber is ideal for testing tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and more. Due to its compact size, you can fit it on your workbench with a lot of room to spare. What’s more, it uses 33% less power than the typical benchtop test chamber.

You can explore our full range of test chambers on our website.

Why Choose TestEquity’s Test Chambers?

Here are some of the reasons why customers love our environmental test chambers and continue to trust us for their testing needs.

  • Accuracy – Every chamber is constructed with standardized wiring and piping for repeatable and accurate performance. We use minimum soldered fittings to decrease the likelihood of refrigerant leakages.
  • Technical Expertise – We’ve been building world-class environmental test chambers for over 20 years. All chambers are designed by our in-house industry-leading team of engineers in conjunction with industry standards and performance.
  • 3-Year Warranty – We perform rigorous testing and troubleshooting to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and performance, which is backed by our 3-year parts warranty. If the repair or replacement is performed in the first year from the date of invoice, we will also pay for the labor associated with the repair at your site, subject to prior approval.
  • Comprehensive Range – Our comprehensive range of humidity and temperature test chambers are designed for any customer demand.
  • cTUVus Certification – Some TestEquity models have been certified by TÜV Rheinland to ensure compliance with the safety standards for Canada and the U.S.

Looking for a high-quality environmental test chamber for your organization? Get in touch to request a quote. Our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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