How the Megger DLROHDX Low Resistance Ohmmeter Beats all Others in the Lab and in the Field

The Megger brand is a trusted provider of electrical testing and diagnostic equipment. Their equipment is used across industries like green energy applications, battery manufacturers, aerospace, electric utilities, and many more. Their DLROHDX Low Resistance Ohmmeter is just one example of the high-quality products they offer. Here’s a closer look at what sets it apart.

Key Features of DLROHDX

This Ohmmeter is the succession of their DLRO10 and 10X range models. The new version comes in an IP65 rated lidded case for durability and performance in the field and on the bench. They were designed to be powered by a rechargeable battery or mains power to further support their portability. This way, if the battery dies, the unit can continue to operate. This feature was included to enable users in need of continuous testing, like in a production environment, do not need to hassle with overnight battery charging or change outs. Another great physical feature made for any situation is the large controls and removable lid, making it easy to manipulate with gloves.

The dual power selection modes, high/low, allow users to test at multiple depths with the option of elongating battery life by using the lower setting. Another great feature, especially for those in power plants or in situations where large power generation equipment is nearby, is the rejection of electromagnetic noise. The unit is capable of taking precise measurements in up to 100 mV, and the display indicates when its resistance threshold has been passed. 

Convenience and Safety

It has three test modes: automatic unidirectional, continuous, and inductive, making this a convenient multitool for the many applications in an industrial manufacturing plant, for example. The autosave feature is handy for gathering measurements from various sites. Testers can save up to 200 records for later analysis. There is also a convenient USB connection for downloading testing records.

Last, the unit has also been equipped with high input protection up to 600 V. This feature is a lifesaver for precision equipment like this. If a unit were to be inadvertently connected to mains or UPS, the fuse and other components are resistant to damage for up to 10 seconds. So, tests are not delayed having to locate and replace a fuse, and the unit is saved from needing repair or having to be replaced altogether.

The Megger DLROHDX Low Resistance Ohmmeter is a step above the rest. Its differentiating factors are the high and low power selection, noise rejection with display indicator, and high input protection. In addition, the IP65 rated case protects it from water damage, even in the presence of water jets when fully closed, making it perfect for storing in any environment.

Where to get it, fast

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