When is a Caution Sign more than a Caution Sign?

You can find caution signs like this one in testing rooms, large facilities, offices, and even public areas. Caution signs help keep visitors and workers safe from harm—and in our industry—they keep devices-under-test (DUTs) safe from visitors and workers with a simple message: CAUTION. TEST IN PROGRESS. DO NOT DISTURB

Solving a Classic Problem with Simple Caution

It started with the oldest trick in the book.

At TestEquity, we first made a name for ourselves with our industry-leading environmental test chambers. Today, we are the largest distributor of testing, measurement, and production solutions for electronics.  That means we attend industry trade shows, which means we need flyers and handouts.

We had a problem with one flyer. It had to be done on short notice—but we only had enough content to fill one side. We needed something simple and recognizable that would grab attention. What catches attention on a test chamber? The big sign on the front.


We updated our sign with a bigger TestEquity logo and printed our flyers. It felt like cheating. It was filler. It was an easy shortcut to meet project requirements on short notice.  

It was the oldest trick in the book.

Unexpected Results

Over the next round of trade shows, our caution sign was more requested than any other promotional item.  Our customers and industry colleagues loved them—so we started adding it to more of our handouts. The more we did, the more people wanted them.

We expected to eventually see our promotional signs used on test chambers and lab equipment.

We did NOT expect to see so many outside the lab.

Soon enough, our signs were showing up on the closed doors of offices and conference rooms, on the keyboards of computers running major software updates, and—perhaps unsurprisingly—on the cubicles of beleaguered engineers.

Over the years, competitors have tried to copy the TestEquity Caution Sign strategy. We are flattered that they would endorse our method, but we can’t take credit for the success. We didn’t plan this. You did this yourselves. We merely cooperated.

Proceed with Caution: Download your Sign

If you can’t come see us at our upcoming trade shows, you can still join the fun by downloading your own the sign at the link:

Caution Sign | TestEquity