#OEMOrigins – Protective Industrial Products(PIP)

Here at TestEquity, we have the pleasure of working with many wonderful OEMs with their own incredible stories. We would like to take the time to honor them and bring light to these wonderful stories as we further explore how we can keep putting innovation to the test.

Our first #OEMOrigin story is centered around Protective Industrial Products(PIP). For this story, we interviewed Fred Guidi, the Channel Manager, who has been with PIP for over 20 years. Here is what he had to say:

The Origin Story

What inspired it?

PIP was founded in 1984 by partners Joe Milot and Wellson Tao. PIP began its life as a manufacturer of work gloves for general industrial use and grew to become one of the largest general PPE suppliers in the World.

What kind of decisions led to the forming of the company?

When Joe and Wellson decided to enter the industrial work glove market, they offered products in the newly emerging coated glove segment. While these gloves were initially introduced as replacements for standard leather, they quickly gained popularity. That was when it became clear. PIP had something that the market very much needed.

How has the company evolved since?

Since 1984, PIP has acquired nearly 30 companies related to the PPE market. One of these was QRP: a leader in the Controlled Environment niche of the Personal Protection segment. QRP was founded in 1974 by the Casselman family quickly became the first choice of companies in need of products which meet precise protection standards.

Hurdles and Challenges

What challenges did PIP have to overcome?

PIP overcame initial market reluctance by focusing on key markets and getting these gloves on their hands. Once workers had an opportunity to try these new items, the word spread, and customer demand exploded. Today PIP leads the industry in this evolving segment offering over 20,000 different glove and PPE items.

What innovative breakthroughs led to the solutions that fueled growth?

New materials and technology in the coatings and dipping fields allowed for new designs, which lead to the ATG line of products. These became the #1 selling gloves in the US, and PIP’s Flagship product. Owning the factories allowed PIP to quickly make changes to ensure quality at all production levels.

Product Specialty

How are your products unique to the marketplace?

The QRP/PIP line of products are the leading Controlled Environment PPE items. QRP products are used by the most exacting customers throughout the World! Our products have undergone the most rigorous testing procedures and meet the highest quality levels. If you need to protect a product or the people who produce it then you needn’t look further.

What does the evolution of some of your most successful products look like?

As manufacturing techniques emerge involving Cryo or Nano manufacturing, QRP/PIP will be the first to market with these exciting protection products!

Involvement with TestEquity

Why did you picked us?

QRP chose to partner with Test Equity as their channel partner in the Controlled Environment Segment due to Test Equity’s position and reputation in the CE market. The relationship has grown over the years to where Test Equity and QRP/PIP became the number one choice for customers looking for products and solutions that meet exacting specifications!

How has your relationship with TestEquity evolved since the start of working together?

I had the pleasure of working with Test Equity for 14 years and have enjoyed the professionalism that the TE staff exhibits. Over the years we met our customers’ unique needs and requirements, and I never hesitate to recommend TE to customers who call for assistance.

Big three lessons that all engineers can learn from your origin story:

  1. Do your homework! Give yourself the best opportunity for success by knowing your products and customers! Know their needs and wants, and make it easy for them to use your offering.
  2. Over communicate with all stake holders so that disruptions and errors are a minimum.
  3. Be honest and smile

The Future of PIP

PIP will continue to acquire companies and to add resources until they are the largest PPE Manufacturer in the world. Today the company is over 1 billion in sales and trending higher each day. PIP is about to roll out a new line of specialized work wear including footwear, changing the way the industry looks at the workwear segment!

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